Three Ways To Celebrate Your Wiccan Faith With Jewelry

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Three Ways To Celebrate Your Wiccan Faith With Jewelry

Three Ways To Celebrate Your Wiccan Faith With Jewelry

31 August 2018
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Religious jewelry is a part of many religions, whether it's an established part of the faith itself or simply a way for followers to show their religion. If you're a Wiccan, you can do this too. These are three simple ways to show your faith with jewelry, including some that can slide under the radar if you only want other Wiccans to recognize it for what it is.

Triple Moon

The triple moon is an excellent way of demonstrating your faith subtly. This icon features the full, waning, and waxing moons. It's symbolic to the Wiccan faith in multiple ways.

One of the ways is the simple celebration and rituals surrounding the moon. Established Wiccans know how important the phase of the moon is to performing a ritual or spell, so this icon is relevant to that.

In addition, this symbol is often used to symbolize the three phases of female life: youth, adulthood, and old age. It's often associated with Goddess worship for this reason.


The pentagram has obvious associations with Wicca and other forms of the occult. For this reason, it's a widely recognized symbol. This is a great choice if you're a little more outspoken about your faith and don't mind discussing it with others who might be curious.

If you want to make your pentagram special, make the metal choice personal to you. You can use silver for its association with the moon, gold for the sun, or even steel for a strong, earthy foundation.


Triquetras are a popular symbol among the Wiccan community for a few reasons, though one might surprise you if you're not involved in television depictions of witches.

The triquetra was used as an important symbol on the television show Charmed, which had some loose associations with real-life Wicca. Many witches like it for that reason as the show was their first introduction to the concept of good, kind witchcraft.

However, the triquetra can also act as a recognition of the three phases of the Goddess and women once more. It's three interconnected loops that look similar to a Celtic knot. This symbol may be recognized more by fans of the show, but those in the know will recognize it for what it really is.

Any of these articles of jewelry would be great choices for a Wicca practitioner. Whether you want to wear them as earrings, a necklace, or something else, there's a Wicca pendant out there for you that will celebrate your faith.

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