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Creating Your Own Kippah Clips For Various Ceremonial Uses: What You Will Need

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Most people of the Jewish faith tend to use bobby pins or other basic hair clips to hold their kippot in place. However, there are no real laws in any Jewish sect that says you cannot use something other than bobby pins or basic hair clips. As such, you could make some fancier kippah clips, either for yourself or as a gift. The following ideas and instructions will get you started with what you need and how to make unique and attractive kippah clips. The Basics: Bobby Pins, Clips and Beads Start with the basics. Make sure you have some bobby pins and some hair clips on hand, specifically the kind that bend and snap into place. Then purchase embroidery floss, beads (silver, blue and white are quite popular for kippah clips, but you can use whatever colors are allowed in temple or at bar/bat mitzvahs), and a glue gun (with kosher glue sticks, if your sect of faith demands it). Many craft stores sell Star of David beads, which are especially nice for making these clips, so be sure to purchase some of these too. The Creative Process Your imagination is your own here, but the following instructions will get you started on making some clips and practicing with the materials. For Decorated Bobby Pin Kippah Clips: You can wrap or knot embroidery floss aroud the ribbed edges of the bobby pins. You can also tie in small colored beads into the floss decoration. Do not use too much floss, or the bobby pins will not hold your kippah on your head!  If you want to use just beads, squirt a small amount of hot glue inside each bead before slipping it onto the bobby pin. (Crystal-like beads are especially nice for kippah clips that you will use during Chanukkah or a bar/bat Mitzvah celebration.) Be sure to test the clips after you have decorated them to make sure they will hold your kippah in place. If not, you may need to rethink the creative process to make the clips work. For Decorated Snap Clips: Decorated snap clips may be even easier to decorate, since they have that open space in the snap-up middle. You can weave embroidery floss in various colors and patterns through the middle opening to create an interesting design. (Just be sure to leave the very middle part open so that the bend-up part of the clip can still snap into place, or the clip will not work properly.) You can also glue various beads to the ends of these clips and around the outer edges of the clips. To learn more, contact a company like Kippah...

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Helpful Ideas To Consider When Shopping For Catholic Statues

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Did you recently become a part of the Catholic faith and want to place items around your house that displays your beliefs? You might want to consider investing in a few statues that represent some of the prominent people in the bible. The great thing about statues is that they are available in various sizes, so you can purchase them based on how much extra space is available in your house. Take a look at this article for a list of ideas you can consider when buying your Catholic statues. The Virgin Mary One of the most prominent bible figures in the Catholic faith is the Virgin Mary. You can’t go wrong with placing a statue of her in your house, as she is one of the main statues in Catholic churches and homes. Catholics give honor to Mary because she is the mother of their Lord Jesus Christ. You can kneel in front of the statue of Mary when you are praying. There are numerous types of Virgin Mary Statues to choose from that represents different parts of the bible. Baby Jesus with Joseph & Mary Although Jesus was miraculously conceived by the Virgin Mary, he still had an earthly father by the name of Joseph. It is Mary and Joseph that raised Jesus as he grew up, and Joseph considered him his son. You can opt for a stature that displays the holy family all together.  For instance, there are some statues can displays Jesus lying in a manger with Mary and Joseph watching over him. Your options for the family all together on one statue are unlimited. Jesus Carrying the Cross One of the most important beliefs in the Catholic faith is that Jesus was beaten and had to carry a large cross. He was then nailed to the cross with a crown of thorns placed around his head. You can opt for a statue of Jesus carrying the cross to his place of death. Keep in mind that there are statues that are very detailed to show just how much torture Jesus experienced to save sinners, but it depends on which statue you decide to purchase. For instance, you can opt for details that display the welts on the back of Jesus while carrying the cross, or how deeply the crown of thorns was inside of his head. Visit a Catholic store to purchase a few statues for your house and show visitors what your new faith...

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